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KISSsoft Interfaces and Partner

When designing machines with KISSsoft, engineers can select suitable tools based on the very latest state-of-the art technologies. This enables our customer to benefit from a holistic approach using one software which delivers everything out of one source. Our collaborations with technical partners give our customers a unique way of linking calculation programs with their specific needs (simulation, vibration, noise, fluid).

CAD Interface

By providing the 3D data, f.e. cylindrical gears, can be created natively in CAD. Gear data can be placed as a drawing stamp on a drawing in CAD. All KISSsoft calculations can be opened in CAD via plug-in. This simplifies the everyday life of an engineer who develops something in CAD and has to do some calculations in between.


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Exchange Formats

So that already defined data must not be entered twice, which could be a source of error, we support some exchange formats. With the formats usually a file is written (xml, txt and others), which can be read then by another program again. Through this transfer, one can then almost seamlessly perform further calculations with another program.


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Bearing Calculation

By the possibility of the calculation with the manufacturer program, which contains the know-how from research and tests, and transfer of the results in KISSsoft, not only the bearing performance is calculated realistically, but also the influence, which the bearings have on the system performance. The optimization of the gear design is sustainably improved by the cooperation of the KISSsoft calculation programs and the respective interface solution.


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Cooperation Partners

Cooperation partners are listed here that have an interface of some kind to KISSsoft. This can be, for example, an interface from a CAD to KISSsoft, a MultiDynamics software or FEM software. In these interfaces, KISSsoft is used as the basic program, and the results are then used in the third-party software. There are many other software programs that have an interface to KISSsoft, but we are not aware of them and therefore they are not listed here.

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