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KISSsoft Interfaces and Partners

In gearbox design with KISSsoft, engineers can select suitable tools that are up-to-date with the latest technology. This allows our customers to benefit from a holistic approach with software that delivers everything in one place. Our collaborations with technical partners offer our customers a unique opportunity to link calculation programs with their specific needs (simulator for vibration, noise, manufacturing).

CAD Interface

3D CAD gear data can be generated directly in KISSsoft and inserted in CAD. All KISSsoft calculations open in CAD via plug-ins. This simplifies the workflow of an engineer who is developing in CAD and must perform calculations throughout the process.

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Data Exchange Formats

In order to avoid duplicate data entry, KISSsoft supports several data exchange formats. Further calculations perform seamlessly through the generated files.

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Bearing Calculation

 KISSsoft has joined forces with bearing manufacturers, in order to use their calculation data and procedures. KISSsoft allows the possibility of bearing calculation by the manufacturer. This leads to more accurate shaft system results.

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