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What Our Customers Say

The KISSsoft software calculation programs are used in an enormous range of different sectors. Many companies appreciate their reliability, comprehensive functionality and the efficiency with which they can be used: all factors that made the software win a leading position in the market. We are very happy that so many different companies and sectors place their trust in our products and services.





KISSsoft is used for standard and heavy-duty gearboxes, mining and raw material extraction, cranes and winches, mill drives, servo-motors, gear motors, robotics, spindle drives and open drives or gear rims. In addition, shaft and bearing calculations can be run seamlessly, with separate modules.


Major automobile manufacturers rely on our software programs for performing their calculations. Our modules are successfully used to design gearboxes in cars, trucks, buses, tractors, agricultural machinery, motorbikes, trikes, mobile homes, and for well-known types of motor sport, military and construction vehicles and fork-lift trucks.

Electric vehicles

Although e-mobility applications have fewer gears than conventional cars, the requirements for a quiet low-vibration transmission and high gear unit power density and efficiency are very high. Consequently, KISSsoft offers different calculation modules for sizing and optimizing electric vehicle drive units.


Rapidly rotating drives such as turbo- and compressor gearboxes are used to generate power. They are subject to powerful dynamic forces. In contrast, wind power primarily involves slowly rotating gearboxes that are subject to high torque. Examples include the main gearbox on wind turbines or blade and tower yaw drives.



KISSsoft is also used in the challenging aviation and space flight sector, for applications such as aircraft flap actuators, helicopter main and tail gearboxes or turbine gear units. One segment that has seen considerable growth is unmanned flying objects and drones, which require all kinds of different, innovative gear unit concepts. Once again, KISSsoft supports the user at every stage, from design definition to the validation of entire drive trains.


In KISSsoft, specific standards are available for manufacturing and certifying ships' transmissions, e.g. for tooth flank fracture according to Annast and GL/DNV. This provides the user with a wide range of gearbox calculation methods for marine applications. Examples include main drives and important auxiliary units on board ships and for mobile off-shore installations.