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Here you find our upcoming webinars and below the recordings of our past sessions.

KISSsoft Operating Modes & Load Spectra September 10, 2024 Information will follow
Migration of System Models  October 16, 2024 Information will follow






Presented by: KISSsoft Experts

In our interactive webinars, we educate you on topics considering the calculation programs KISSsoft®. If you missed the web demo, our recordings will be available one day later. 

KISSdesign Complex Kinematics, June 5, 2024

Presented by: ETH MSc. Cengiz Yilmaz

In the webinar about complex kinematics, we would like to show how to build special kinematic models in KISSdesign®. The session will include the handling of multiple boundaries, power splits, shifting speeds, epicyclic gear stages and bevel differentials. In addition, with the specification of various operating modes, options regarding the definition of kinematic boundary conditions will be demonstrated.




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New Features KISSsoft Release 2024, April 4, 2024

Presented by: Jürg Langhart, Senior Engineer – Global Sales

The webinar provides information on the main new features in the release, from calculations to handling and documentation. In particular, we would like to show you:

  • System calculation with KISSdesign
  • Development environment for SKRIPT
  • Additional strength calculations for cylindrical gears
  • Newest bevel gear standards ISO 10300 and DIN 3965
  • Powerful 3D FEM calculation for tooth root stresses

Learn how the enhancements in the KISSsoft 2024 release are useful in your everyday gear calculations. The webinar will be hosted by Jürg Langhart, Senior Engineer – Global Sales.

The webinar will take place on April 4, 2024 in two different sessions in order to cover different time zones. 


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KISSdesign: Introduction and Concept, March 5 2024

Presented by: MSc. Eng. Aissa Benykhlef

Discover the latest cutting-edge KISSdesign® system module, a powerful tool revolutionizing the way we model and analyze entire transmissions.

Our expert MSc. Eng. Aissa Benykhlef from KISSsoft AG will guide you through the essential tools and functionalities required for building comprehensive models, with a special emphasis on the Sketcher and its versatile applications in various kinematic models. The following topics will be covered:

  • General introduction of the interface
  • KISSsoft & KISSdesign relationship
  • Sketcher
  • Modeling concept

Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your understanding of KISSdesign and its transformative impact on the field. Join us and unlock the potential of efficient transmission modeling!


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Gear Mesh and Bearing Frequencies, November 15th, 2023

Presented by: M.Sc. Sebastian Matkovič

KISSsoft supports the user with numerous calculations for different machine elements. The new KISSdesign® module in KISSsoft® supports the combination of these machine elements in building complex system transmissions containing any number of shafts, gears, and bearings.  

All rotating machine elements contain several characteristic frequencies, which can be one of the potential sources of noise in the transmissions. For example, gear meshing creates vibrations in its meshing frequency due to transmission error, manufacturing deviations, stiffness variation, torque fluctuations, as well as other sources. Therefore, knowledge of the characteristics and frequencies of the transmission can lead to an improved design and contribute to improved diagnostics of an existing transmissions.

During our webinar on November 15, 2023, various possibilities for the calculation of system characteristic frequencies, including gear and bearing frequencies, are presented. Furthermore, an overview of the new functionalities on the new system level in KISSsoft is provided, including:

    1.Basic theoretical background on:

  • characteristic gear mesh frequencies
  • characteristic bearing frequencies
  1. Usage of characteristic frequencies in:
  • the design phase of a system gearbox
  • condition monitoring of gearbox


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Loaded Tooth Contact Analysis in KISSsoft, September 14th, 2023

Presented by: M.Sc. Ilja Tsikur

The loaded tooth contact analysis (LTCA) is crucial in understanding the deformation of gears and its impact on various factors such as noise generation, contact patterns, contact shocks, and torque variations. With the contact analysis feature in KISSsoft®, users can calculate tooth contact under specific torque and speed levels, thereby assessing the performance of gears and gearboxes. LTCA forms the foundation for a robust micro-geometric gear design, including lead and profile modifications. In this web-demo, you will gain insights into parallel axis and coaxial gearboxes, focusing on the following aspects:

  • Loaded tooth contact analysis
  • Stiffness calculation for teeth, shafts, bearings, housing, planet carrier, and gear body
  • Analysis of system deformation and its impact on gear contact patterns
  • Designing lead modifications for optimal strength and contact patterns
  • Designing profile modifications for optimal behaviour in terms of power, NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness), efficiency, and contact temperature
  • Optimization of modifications for duty cycles


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Gear Body Stiffness in KISSsoft, June 14th, 2023

Presented by: Dipl. Eng., MSc Theofanis Tsiantas

The gear body of a gear is the main determinant of its stiffness. It is thus becoming clear in industry that designing a high-performance gear or drivetrain is barely possible without an accurate consideration of the gear body stiffness. KISSsoft® addresses this challenge by combining the FE method with analytical models. Our Software Developer, Dipl. Eng., MSc Theofanis Tsiantas, will show you:

  • How to accurately calculate the stiffness matrix of a gear body with KISSsoft®
  • Advanced modeling possibilities for gear bodies
  • What is the effect of the gear body stiffness on different KISSsoft® calculations
  • Future directions on extending the current modeling capabilities of gear bodies in KISSsoft®

Take 60 minutes to learn more about the functions of KISSsoft®!

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New Features KISSsoft Release 2023, March 30th, 2023

Presented by: Jürg Langhart, Senior Engineer – Global Sales 

Learn more in the web demo about how the enhancements in KISSsoft®Release 2023 will make your gear and shaft design more efficient, how the effect of the gear body geometry is and the tool design process can be optimized. The following points will be presented:

  • Gear body geometry including rim
  • Gear mesh and bearing frequencies
  • Comparison of tools
  • Data exchange with GDE 3.2 and REXS 1.4
  • FKM shaft rating with rainflow matrix

Please take 60 minutes time for this web demo.

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NVH Analysis with KISSsoft and RecurDyn for e-Drive Design, November 22nd, 2022

Presented by: MSc. Eng. Aissa Benykhlef, Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Kelichhaus

Low noise and minimum vibrations are key to quiet and efficient operation. Profound NVH analysis is the answer to optimize noise and acoustics in conjunction with reduced vibration behavior of vehicles and vehicle components such as electric drive train systems.

KISSsoft® offers the user the possibility to perform an NVH assessment of gearboxes. The calculation of the noise excitation within the drive train is based on the forced vibration, which leads to the determination of the transient bearing loads.

These results are then transferred to the multi-body simulation program RecurDyn and applied to the flexible housing structure. This allows the system response of the housing as airborne sound to be viewed in steady state. In addition to the usual outputs, the engineer also has the radiated power ERP (Equivalent Radiation Power) at all points of the enclosure at his disposal.


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Flank Waviness, September 20th, 2022

Presented by: Dr. Ulrich Kissling

Noise emissions from gear units in electric vehicles are a major problem. In practice, the profile form deviation is controlled strictly. For this reason, it is important to find a method that can be used to estimate the influence of the manufacturing accuracy. The application of this method to some modern gear units will be presented in our web demo:

  • Application in the calculation
  • Variation of the waviness
  • Application to an industrial gearbox
  • Application to an EV gearbox
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New Features KISSsoft Release 2022, June 15th, 2022

Presented by: Dipl. Ing. Hanspeter Dinner, MSc. Eng. Ilja Tsikur

Learn more about how the enhancements in KISSsoft® Release 2022 will make your gear design more efficient and refined. We are also excited to show KISSsoft® in a modernized look. Further topics:

  • Influence of flank waviness on transmission error
  • Tooth root fatigue strength from time series
  • Bearing contact stress with modified raceways
  • Bearing inner geometry from Schaeffler and Timken
  • Optimized bolt module interface
  • and many more

Please take 60 minutes time for this web demo.


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Gleason e-Drive Days with KISSsoft, April 26th, 2022

Presented by: Dr. Aljaž Pogačnik

The three-day event featured one topic per day addressing the specific requirements and challenges of e-drive transmissions, with particular attention to minimizing gear noise.

The first day was dedicated to the design of e-drive transmissions and looked at several aspects of gear design in an EV system environment. High rpm’s, reversal of load direction, low vibration excitation, high contact ratios, increased risk of scuffing, deformed housings - the design, optimization and service life calculation of gears for e-drives is a world of its own.


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KISSsoft for Manufacturing, December 07th, 2021

Presented by: Msc. Eng. Ilja Tsikur, Dipl. Ing. Jürg Langhart

We will present various applications and provide an overview of the functionalities for manufacturing in KISSsoft®:

• Design tools with protuberance, semi-toppings and modified pressure angle
• Calculate tooth thickness dimensions for span widths, measurement over balls and graphical evaluation
• Collision check for power skiving and honing
• Evaluate grinding notches and tooth root stresses
• Calculate noise excitation from manufacturing simulation or measured gears
• Manufacture non-evolute gears such as park lock gears or sprocket gears

Please take 60 minutes time for this web demo.

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Shaft Calculation with Bearing Inner Geometry and SKF Cloud Service, October 26th, 2021

Presented by: MSc. ETH Ilja Tsikur and MSc. ETH Johannes Wüthrich

Our web demo provides you with an overview of various features in the KISSsoft® bearing calculation:

  • Overview of calculation methods for rolling bearings in KISSsoft®
  • Application and advantages of calculation according to ISO/TS 16281
  • SKF Cloud Service: Accurate rolling bearing stiffness and life directly via SKF service
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Novelties in KISSsoft Release 2021, June 29th, 2021

Presented by: Dipl. Ing. Hanspeter Dinner and MSc. Eng. Ilja Tsikur

We would like to show you the numerous new features in KISSsoft® Release 2021 for gears, shafts, bearings and other machine elements. Also the news in drivetrain and system calculation will be shown.

Have a look at these new features:

  • Bearing calculation with inner geometry in the „SKF Cloud“
  • Collision check during honing and power-skiving
  • Import possibility of cylindrical gear flank measurement grid
  • System reliability at a glance with AGMA 6006-B20
  • Define and compare variants of gear modifications
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Customization of KISSsoft, April 06th, 2021

Presented by: M.Sc.Eng Ilja Tsikur

One of the key aspects in modern software development is to give end users sufficient freedom to adapt their working environment to current market requirements. In KISSsoft, various options are available for personalizing the software handling and tailoring it to your own needs.

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Plastic Gears and Tooth Form Aspects, February 23rd, 2021

Presented by: Dipl.-Ing. Hanspeter Dinner and MSc. Eng. Ilja Tsikur

Plastic gears offer the engineer more freedom to influence the tooth form, since they are usually manufactured using injection molding instead of hobbing processes. In this web demo, we will show you the options in KISSsoft for designing plastic gears.

Language: English


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NVH with KISSsoft and RecurDyn, December 08th, 2020

Presented by: Dipl. Ing. Jürg Langhart

The simulation of the NVH behavior is essential for certain types of gears and contributes significantly to the evaluation of gear optimization. The forced vibrations arise from the excitation in the gear mesh and are transmitted to the housing as variable forces and moments at the bearings. The radiated power is determined enabling an assessment of the noise behavior of the transmission. 

Language: English

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Design – Manufacture – Measure, October 06th, 2020

Presented by: Dipl. Ing. Hanspeter Dinner

The gear design process in KISSsoft is linked to manufacturing and measuring. For gears measured on Gleason Metrology Systems, the measurement data is looped back to KISSsoft.

Language: English

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Rainflow-Simulation, August 18th, 2020

Presented by: Dr. Michael Stangl

Process-dependent load spectra are often used for strength assessment of gears. Measured data as time series are then to be converted into a load spectrum. If the time series do not contain load reversal, the "Simple Count" method can be used. 

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Highlights in KISSsoft-Release 2020, July 07th, 2020

Presented by: Dr. Stefan Beermann

We would like to show you the numerous new features in KISSsoft Release 2020 for gears, shafts, bearings, other machine elements and system calculation. Have a look at them in this 45 minute webinar.

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Changes in the new ISO 6336-1:2019, April 08th, 2020

Presented by: Dr. Ulrich Kissling

This web demo will cover the innovations in ISO 6336, the most important standard for strength calculation of cylindrical gears. Our experts – Dr. Eng. Ulrich Kissling, MSc. Eng. Ilja Tsikur und Grad. Eng. Hanspeter Dinner – will explain the theoretical background and show you the effects of the changes using examples from wind power, EV gearboxes etc.

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E-Mobility, November 12th, 2019

Presented by: Mr. Ilja Tsikur

In 50 minutes, Eng. Ilja Tsikur will show you how to design and optimize gears for E-Mobility applications in KISSsoft. Followig topics are covered: building up the kinematic model, sizing of gear macro-geometry and of protuberance cutter profile to eliminate grinding notch, loaded tooth contact analysis, sizing of gear micro-geometry for low noise excitation and more.

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Highlights in KISSsoft Release 2019, July 2nd, 2019

Presented by: Mr. Ilja Tsikur and Mr. Jürg Langhart

We would like to show you the numerous new features in KISSsoft calculation program for gears, shafts, bearings and other machine elements. Get an overview of the new features in the KISSsoft Release 2019 during this 45 minutes demo.

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