A Gleason Company

Our Vision

Our software includes internationally recognized calculation standards as well as various design and optimization options, based on the experience of our customers and development engineers - according to our slogan "Sharing Knowledge".



Joining Forces

KISSsoft is part of multi-national Gleason Corporation, as a wholly owned subsidiary. KISSsoft AG directly serves various industries and customers globally.

Gleason Corporation

Source of Ideas

The most powerful source of ideas are our customers: Suggestions and recommendations from innovative companies throughout the world have all contributed to the further development of our software, ensuring that KISSsoft and KISSsoft System Module are always at the forefront of technology.

Exchange of Information 

In addition to active exchanges of information at trade fairs and conferences, we provide KISSsoft User Meetings KUM on a regular basis. Furthermore, in training courses and web demos, the latest software innovations are presented by our developers and workshops are held under guidance of our experts.


The KISSsoft and KISSdesign calculation programs are very comprehensive and, due to their modular structure, can be used in a wide range of areas: Industrial gearboxes, vehicle construction, bearing and gear manufacturing, precision mechanics, plastics, turbo gearbox manufacturing, wind power, ship-building and further specialist areas.


Originally designed as in-house calculation software for the gear manufacturer L. Kissling & Co. AG in Zurich, KISSsoft has spread rapidly since the early 1980s to every sector of the mechanical engineering industry. 

Our History