Geometry Calculation of Non-Circular Gears

Feb 24, 2022

KISSsoft features the calculation of the geometry of non-circular gears for different operating pitch lines. Non-circular gears are typically designed to have variable output torque and speed. It is also possible to design them with variable center distance. The operating pitch lines of non-circular gears are commonly ellipses because of their simplicity. Nevertheless, to achieve more complex transmission ratio functions, modified elliptical shapes, n-lobed ellipses or own functions can be used in KISSsoft for the operating pitch lines of the gears.

The main advantage of non-circular gears (in comparison to the cylindrical gears) is the variable transmission. However, because of variable loads and speeds, additional vibrations and bearing forces can occur, especially if the gears are not rotating around their mass center.

Once the geometry of non-circular gears is defined, strength verification is necessary. The strength calculation of non-circular gears is not standardized; however, it is still possible to use KISSsoft for an approximate strength calculation with specifically adapted methods. If you want to learn more about this topic and the kinematics of non-circular gears, note our paper. If you have any further questions, we are at your disposal.