International Conference on Gears


International Conference on Gears in Garching, Munich Germany

FZG Forschungsstelle für Zahnräder und Getriebebau
technische Universität München
September 12-15, 2023

The International Conference on Gears in Germany is a broad platform for equipment manufacturers, producers and researchers of gear as well as transmission systems, to present new solutions and their latest research results.
We are pleased to present three papers at this conference: Under the topic ''Impact of manufacturing deviations on the NVH behavior of modern gear design concepts'', you will ge given a perspactive about modern manufacturing methods. Our second paper will be about a comparison of time and how the frequency domain approaches for NVH. You will also learn about "Evaluation of the NVH Characteristics of Gear Drives with Plastic Gears by the Forced Response Analysis"

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