Future Engineers

Nowadays, engineering studies should include the use of modern relevant software. For mechanical engineering students, these are mainly CADs and calculation programs. It is a matter of concern to us to present KISSsoft to future engineers during their studies. A software cannot replace learning the calculation methods “by hand”, however, such a program can multiply the learning effect of a lecture, when it is properly used.

University / Student Licenses

Universities can apply for a university license to make KISSsoft available for students. The university licenses are subject to separate commercial and licensing conditions. Students will then receive a license key and access to the software from the responsible faculty of the school. The distribution and administration of the licenses is regulated in a university contract and is the responsibility of the school itself. University licenses and conditions can be requested from KISSsoft AG.

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Following our corporate philosophy ‘’Sharing Knowledge’’, we provide future engineers with our software. In doing so, we sponsor many students’ projects like student formula and support environmental-friendly tasks like electric racing cars and solar boats. The KISSsoft company promotes the development of these projects and many of them have already received awards at national and international level.     

The reliability and the numerous functionalities of KISSsoft as well as of the system add-on KISSsys are highly appreciated by the students. Therefore, our calculation programs become constant companions for them also on their future working paths. The cooperations between KISSsoft and the sponsored teams lead to productive outcomes including technical articles that share the gained knowledge and insights with others.

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