The KISSsoft Release 2021 is Available!

Jun 24, 2021

The new KISSsoft Release 2021 contains numerous innovations - for example, the 7th edition of the FKM Guideline has been implemented.

The revised 7th edition of the FKM Guideline (2020) contains a number of innovations in the nominal stress concept for shaft calculations. The revision includes a protective layer factor for galvanized steels, a new material group "Austempered Ductile Iron (ADI)" and equations for a cross-section of the shaft with hub seat (aligned with DIN 743). All material properties have also been adapted. The FKM guideline is thus state of the art.

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On June 29, we will also present an overview of the numerous innovations and enhancements in KISSsoft Release 2021 in a free 60-minute web demo. Register here and learn more about the latest functionalities in KISSsoft. We look forward to your participation!

PS: Are you already a customer with a maintenance contract? Then you will receive the update via MyKISSsoft in July!