Shaft Calculation and the Shaft Editor

Oct 17, 2018

Additional features have been implemented in the Shaft Editor, which make it much easier to input shafts (WPK module). You can pull on grid points to size cylinder elements, when designing shafts. The grid points can either snap to a grid or be free-floating.
You can now load a background drawing when you are remodeling existing shafts. This makes it easy to check the shaft geometries accurately, and correct them if required, which is especially useful for coaxial shafts. Other functions, such as a toolbox with extended features, the separate display of shafts, and configurable overviews in the elements editor, round off the numerous extensions to the functionality.

You will find more information about the shaft calculation in our Calculating shafts and bearings flyer.

We will run our web demo about shaft calculation for you on November 13th, 2018. It will run in German in the morning and in English in the afternoon. Register today and participate for free!