Optimized Interface and Graphics in the Bolt Module

Sep 29, 2022

With the bolt calculation module, single-bolt as well as multi-bolt connections can be calculated according to the internationally recognized guideline VDI 2230. The calculation of high-strength bolts provides the safety factors required for the verification of the connection in a matter of seconds. The stripping strength of the thread or the tightening torques or tightening angles associated with the tightening forces are also available as results at the end of each calculation.

In the KISSsoft Release 2022, the user interface has been completely revised and all inputs have been rearranged with the aim of making the interface as intuitive as possible for the user. Most submenus have been removed to make the input fields directly visible and accessible in the interface. Inputs are now thematically separated into assembly inputs, bolt/nut inputs, clamped part details, and parameters that specify the load on the connection.

The improved graphics contain clearer descriptions, additional information and additional relevant areas can now be displayed or highlighted. The clamping diagram now shows separate clamping triangles for the assembly and operating situation.

If you would like to deepen your knowledge of bolt calculation in KISSsoft, register today for our Live Stream Special: Bolt Calculation on November 2-3, 2022.