NVH Analysis with KISSsoft and RecurDyn for e-Drive Design

Nov 10, 2022

Low noise and minimum vibrations are key to quiet and efficient operation. Profound NVH analysis is the answer to optimize noise and acoustics in conjunction with reduced vibration behavior of vehicles and vehicle components such as electric drive train systems.

KISSsoft offers the user the possibility to perform an NVH assessment of gearboxes. The calculation of the noise excitation within the drive train is based on the forced vibration, which leads to the determination of the transient bearing loads.

These results are then transferred to the multi-body simulation program RecurDyn and applied to the flexible housing structure. This allows the system response of the housing as airborne sound to be viewed in steady state. In addition to the usual outputs, the engineer also has the radiated power ERP (Equivalent Radiation Power) at all points of the enclosure at his disposal.

The evaluation can also be carried out visually, which has the advantage that structural weak points of the enclosure due to the increased radiation can be quickly identified and constructive measures for enclosure optimization can be taken.

The focus of NVH optimization is on optimizing the gear teeth. Typically, gears with high toothing and microgeometry are optimized and evaluated for robustness. NVH analysis now offers the additional possibility of evaluating the gearing not only in terms of static rotational error, but also in terms of dynamic behavior.

If you would like to learn more about the NVH assessment of e-drive systems, please register for the 90-minutes free web demo on November 22, 2022, which will be presented by MSc. Eng. Aissa Benykhlef from KISSsoft AG and Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Kelichhaus from FunctionBay GmbH - with an introduction from Dr. Stefan Beermann (CEO KISSsoft AG) and Prof. Dr. Jin Hwan Choi (Co-founder FunctionBay Inc.).