KISSsoft for Manufacturing

Nov 25, 2021

KISSsoft supports the user with numerous calculation and simulation options for work preparation in the manufacture as well as inspection of gears: It is possible to design tools for involute or non-involute gears as well as to check for the use of existing tools from a database. Collision estimation can be performed for Power Skiving and honing. Grinding notches can be evaluated in advance for stress concentrations using the FE method, and the effects of manufacturing errors on rolling behavior can also be simulated with contact analysis under load.

Would you like to learn more about this topic? Our web demo on December 07, 2021, will present various applications and provide an overview of the functionalities for manufacturing in KISSsoft:

  • Design tools with protuberance, semi-toppings and modified pressure angle
  • Calculate tooth thickness dimensions for span widths, measurement over balls and graphical evaluation
  • Collision check for power skiving and honing
  • Evaluate grinding notches and tooth root stresses
  • Calculate noise excitation from manufacturing simulation or measured gears
  • Manufacture non-evolute gears such as park lock gears or sprocket gears

We would be happy if you take 60 minutes of your time on December 07 for our engineers' web demo. Please register here to receive the participation link.