Gleason e-Drive Days with KISSsoft

Apr 7, 2022

Gleason's special online event from April 26-28, 2022 is all about design, manufacturing and inspection of e-drive gears. The three-day event features one topic per day addressing the specific requirements and challenges of e-drive transmissions, with particular attention to minimizing gear noise.
The first day is dedicated to the design of e-drive transmissions and Dr. Aljaž Pogačnik from KISSsoft will look at several aspects of gear design in an EV system environment. High rpm’s, reversal of load direction, low vibration excitation, high contact ratios, increased risk of scuffing, deformed housings - the design, optimization and service life calculation of gears for e-drives is a world of its own.
The presentation shows how individual requirements can be covered by the choice and variation of gear geometry. Parameters such as material selection or heat treatment are deliberately ignored to concentrate on gear geometry optimization, which is readily accessible to the designer. Three dimensions are addressed: macro geometry, modifications and manufacturing deviations. This presentation is rounded off with the peculiarities of strength calculation in case of frequent changes in torque direction with torque-time series measured from test rigs.
The e-Drive event will run for 3 days, with 3 sessions each day to accommodate to different time zones globally. You can register here. The participation is free of charge.