Data Export from Contact Analysis

Feb 1, 2023

Contact analysis can be used to calculate the transmission error and determine the profile modifications of a gear stage. In addition, a wide range of important gear-specific parameters can be calculated, such as tooth root stress, distribution of Hertzian pressure, oil film thickness, and many more.

Now all results of the contact analysis are available for export. These can be processed by the user natively, via our script language SKRIPT and the reports - or serialized, via the Microsoft COM interface (e.g. in VBA, Python, Java, etc.).

All results that can be accessed in this way are in their raw state, i.e. they have not undergone any post-processing. This gives the user the possibility to extract the desired data or to synthesize new data based on the existing data.

For a list of all available data and for examples of how this data can be accessed in KISSsoft, please contact our support.