Considering gear body stiffness in KISSsoft

Mayıs 30, 2023

In KISSsoft, the user is able to combine the FE method with analytical models when designing a high-performance gear or drivetrain.

The stiffness matrix of a gear body can be calculated accurately with KISSsoft using its advanced modelling capabilities for gear bodies.  The effect of the gear body stiffness can be integrated in different KISSsoft calculations, like flank line modifications and loaded tooth contact analysis.

Among the new modeling possibilities are the inclusion of a rim with a different material from the gear body and the import of externally prepared geometry files (step files). The gear body is now integrated as a special calculation in the gear module, supporting its seamless use in the gear calculations.

If you would like to learn more about the topic of gear body stiffness, you have the opportunity to participate in a free 60-minure web demo on June 14, 2023, presented by. Dipl. Eng., MSc Theofanis Tsiantas. Register here and learn more about the topic of gear body stiffness in KISSsoft. We look forward to your participation!