Bevel Gear Calculation with KISSsoft and GEMS

Sep 4, 2019

Calculation of scuffing for bevel and hypoid gears has been enhanced in KISSsoft Release 2019 (module ZC2, ZC9) according to the current edition of the draft ISO/DTS 10300-20:2018. For the first time, this standard uses a more precise calculation of the equivalent cylindrical gear and thus enables a significantly more accurate prediction of scuffing damage, especially for hypoid gears.

Another new feature is the calculation of flank fracture for bevel and hypoid gears according to the draft standard ISO/DTS 10300-4 (2019) (module ZZ4). The calculation is based on the approach of Dr. Witzig, FZG Munich, and determines the flank fracture risk over the entire active flank, which leads to a thorough evaluation of the teeth.

It is now also possible to export the bevel gear geometry into Gleason's GEMS software or import data from this software (module CD3). This allows a bevel gear to be designed in KISSsoft and imported directly into GEMS for production to check the blanks, foot radii and other parameters. The interface allows a much more efficient procedure in the design of bevel gears.

If you would like to learn more about the possibilities in KISSsoft and our interface to GEMS, you can consult our current documentation. Please also visit us for a personal discussion from September 16 to 21, 2019 at the EMO in Hanover in Hall 26, Gleason booth D108. The EMO Hannover is an important innovation showcase and indispensable for global manufacturing technology - here you will find our joint official press release on this event.