Gear School

Tarih Mayıs 23 - 25, 2023
Munich, Germany
Gleason Cutting Tools GmbH
Moosacher Strasse 42-44
80809 Munich, Germany
Dil German
Seviye Temel
Proses Dişli Proses Teorisi
Sağlayıcı Gleason
Class Duration 3 days
Number of Participants 32 (sold out)
Price Tags 1.250 EUR

SOLD OUT - Gear School (Germany)

The well-known Gear School offered by Gleason Cutting Tools in Rockford, IL for more than 70 years, is now available for the first time in German language. This new Gear School will take place at the Gleason-Hurth Tooling operation in Munich, Germany. Gear technology experts will explain cylindrical gear theory and design, gear manufacturing processes and the required tooling, as well as inspection requirements. Real life manufacturing examples will be demonstrated on the shop floor.

The Gear School is intended for anyone interested in learning more about the world of cylindrical gears. This course is regularly attended by participants who work in the gear design and manufacturing industry, including engineering, production, purchasing, and administration.


This Training Provides ...

  • a comprehensive 3-day program combining classroom theory and shop floor experience.
  • a coordinated series of lectures by engineering, production, inspection experts.
  • a basic understanding of the fundamentals of involute gear geometry, nomenclature, manufacturing processes and inspection methods.
  • small training groups, so individual questions can be addressed. Students are welcome to bring sample gear prints and inspection charts for discussion and interpretation.
  • shop floor demonstrations to visually enhance classroom discussions.



  • Gear Fundamentals
  • Gear Design
  • Soft Processing of Gears
  • Hard Finishing of Gears
  • Inspection of Gears
  • Workholding
  • Cutting Tools
  • Digital Networking

The detailed agenda will be provided after registration.


A Gear School Certificate is issued after successful completion of the course.


Pricing, Amenities and Hotel
The seminar fee of € 1,250 per person (group rates available) includes a digital copy of the seminar materials, beverages during the seminar, three lunches and two group dinners. Hotel reservations can be made through Gleason-Hurth Tooling GmbH in Munich. Mind, hotel costs are not included in the seminar fee. Please bring safety shoes for the demonstrations on the shop floor.




The Gear School Munich is already sold out, but you still have the possibility to register for the Virtual Gear School in Englisch language in November 2023: Virtual Gear School