The KISSsoft Release 2019 on June 28th Available!

Jun 26, 2019

The new KISSsoft Release 2019 contains numerous new features, including KISSdesign, which provides the user with a tool that allows intuitive concept design on a system level. So, in addition to the elementary components (gear pair, bearing or shaft/bearing system), complete gears can now be designed in a separate module (Module KSD).

The main focus here lies on fast concept building, which is a great advantage – especially in the initial phase of a project. Further information about this new system program is available in our short video and in our web demo in September 2019.

Would you like to build different drivetrain concepts by yourself using the modeling tree and sketch functionality? Then register for the workshop on KISSdesign as part of KUM International 2019 on 24 October and create several kinematics together with our experts - starting from industrial gearboxes up to shifted transmissions.