Outsource or In-house Production?

Jan 15, 2020

Whether a gearbox is to be produced in-house or outsourced is still a central question for many companies. To make the right and quick decision, gearbox software generating multiple solutions is necessary - in terms of a transmission variant calculation with cost estimations as well as web applications for external purposes.

With the automized gearbox variant calculation of KISSsys (module SYS), numerous concepts can be analyzed very efficiently and, simultaneously, the associated costs can be determined. For shafts, gears and housings, an evaluation can be made based on price specifications per kilogram. Influences on the costs (of gear dimensions, different reduction distributions, etc.) can thus be easily identified; more detailed approaches are also possible with additional inputs.

For the evaluation of purchased transmissions and for flexible consulting outside the company, solutions with an installation of the calculation software and storage of the transmission models on a central and protected server are extremely effective. Using the KISSsysWeb web application (SYSweb module), load data can be entered on the seller's computer in the form of load spectra etc. Relevant data such as service life, thermal load, reliability or the weakest element in the system can then be determined on site at the customer within a very short time.

KISSsoft, the quality software for gear calculation, offers, in addition to the calculation programs, these additional evaluation methods that are so important today, and can make a significant contribution to reliable decision-making even in the initial phase of a project. Contact us for a free trial version!