New Example Models in KISSsys

Aug 19, 2020

With the new KISSsoft release and the installation of the 2020 version, customers are provided with new useful example models in KISSsys (module SYS).

The added gearbox models come from a wide variety of applications.
  • Automotive: EV transmission with bevel gear differential and tractor transmission (18 gears)
  • Industry: Crane transmissions and an integral compressor transmission
  • Planetary gear: Complete compound planetary gearbox
  • Wind power: Yaw drive model
  • Aviation: Aircraft flap actuator
  • Shipping: Model with ship propeller gearbox

The models can be used as templates when building similar gearbox models. All models are stored in such a way that after opening them in the system, the strength calculations can be performed. In addition, they serve as a basis for further system calculations, which would include e.g. the definition of a load spectrum, the analysis of the efficiency or the determination of the eigenfrequencies.

By reading in a reduced stiffness matrix of the housing, it is also possible to take the housing deformation into account in the system's strength calculations.