KISSsoft for Gear Manufacturing

Apr 3, 2019

KISSsoft provides a number of useful tools for gear manufacturing throughout the design process.

When grinding helical gears an unwanted production-related twist is generated. This twist can be simulated in advance in the KISSsoft Release 03/2018 (module ZY6), and the influence on the flank contact can be evaluated with contact analysis.

When designing hardened and ground gears, the grinding notch must be taken into account with regard to position and rounding radius in order to avoid stress concentrations. In addition to the ISO 6336 standard and FEM in 2D (module ZA24), KISSsoft also provides evaluation with FEM in 3D (module ZA37): This evaluation is based on the exact load distribution over the tooth width and enables the consideration of crowning and axial misalignments with respect to the load distribution, which results in a much more precise analysis of the stresses over the tooth width.

With the use of protuberance hobs, the grinding notch can be avoided or significantly reduced. The protuberance can be specified in KISSsoft on the reference profile as well as on the tool (hobbing cutter, cutting wheel), and checked in numerous graphics for gear teeth, tools and production.

If you would like to learn how to use the rich variety of graphics and information for your project, sign up for our web demo on April 16, 2019 for Manufacturing. Our info video gives you a brief insight into the upcoming web demo.