KISSsoft Beta Release Now Available!

Apr 15, 2021

On June 18, our new KISSsoft Release 2021 will be released. You already have the opportunity to learn about our latest developments with the beta release, which is available now. The beta release gives you a first impression of the new KISSsoft features and includes numerous new functionalities of our software, such as:
  • Bearing calculation with inner geometry in the "SKF Cloud"
  • Collision check during honing and power skiving
  • Import possibility of cylindrical gear flank measurement grid
  • System reliability at a glance with AGMA 6006-B20
  • Define and compare variants of gear modifications

Request a free beta test version at Contact us with questions, suggestions and feedback on our new features.

Also learn about our different license and pricing models: At KISSsoft, we are constantly adapting to new customer needs - not only in terms of our software development, but also in terms of our licensing offering. When selecting a license model, the financial situation, the location or even the time horizon can play a role. In this way, we give you the opportunity to choose the license model that is suitable for you - according to your requirements.