KISSsoft and RecurDyn Release Joint Toolkits

Mar 11, 2020

FunctionBay and KISSsoft have been working together since several years to combine their forces and create synergies: Now, we are proud to present our joint RecurDyn toolkits called GearKS and BearingKS - see also our official press release.

These new products enable the engineers to improve the accuracy of the gear and bearing models when simulating the dynamic behavior of gearboxes. This improvement is necessary to stay on top of nowadays needs to reduce noise and vibration in transmissions and drive trains.

GearKS provides a seamless access to the KISSsoft contact analysis for spur and helical gears. While performing the dynamic calculation in RecurDyn, GearKS determines the forces, moments and stiffnesses relevant for the modeling of gearpairs in each iteration step, based on the well proven model of Weber/Banaschek. The definition of the gear set can be entered either by reading in a KISSsoft file or by using the user interface of KISSsoft allowing a high level of detail.

With BearingKS, RecurDyn utilizes the bearing calculation of KISSsoft which is based on the approach of ISO 16281 and determines the contact situation of each rolling element in each iteration step. In addition, BearingKS comes with the extensive bearing library of KISSsoft with the definition of several ten thousand bearings.

Both toolkits come with all software needed for the execution in RecurDyn environment, so there is no external KISSsoft installation necessary. For further information, please contact us.