KISSdesign Complex Kinematics

May 17, 2024

The power flow, calculated based on the kinematic definition of transmission, is the base of every system strength analysis. The power flow calculation has been refined and accelerated in the KISSsoft® Release 2024.

KISSdesign® system module combines kinematic analysis, lifetime calculation, 3D graphics, system reports with a programming language. Using the sketcher in KISSdesign, it is possible to define the gearbox elements and kinematics of mechanical systems in an efficient way. The handling of multiple boundaries, power splits, shifting speeds, epicyclic gear stages and bevel differentials have become simple and user-friendly.

Would you like to learn, how you can define the kinematics, multiple power inputs and outputs, power splits and operating modes in KISSdesign? If so, please register for our free webinar. Our Mr. MSc ETH Cengiz Yilmaz will present the most important topics related to complex kinematics on June 5, 2024. We are looking forward to you participation!