Kinematics and Load Spectrum Calculation in the System

Jan 23, 2019

To model the kinematics of transmissions with power splits, which are being used in industrial applications with growing frequency, is now significantly easier using a system function in KISSsys (module SYS). The only data required is the amount of the power split: how much power is to be transferred through the different paths. The software automatically calculates the torque for every direction of the power flow.

The load spectrum calculation can be combined with all the existing system calculations using the corresponding template: efficiency calculation, modal analysis, or taking into account the housing stiffness. During this process, it is also possible to output the results for each load stage to user-defined output files. For example, this allows you to generate torque- and speed-dependent data fields with results for each speed in a vehicle gearboxes.

From March 19 to 22, 2019, we are offering a KISSsys advanced training course at our headquarters in Bubikon, Switzerland. KISSsys helps you to model and analyze entire gearboxes. This allows you to maintain an overview of the results of all machine element calculations, covering all different operating conditions.