Improved Workflow through *.dui Technology

Apr 6, 2023

In an urgent assignment, a gear has to be designed, with the engineer already knowing the required reduction ratio, torque and speed. On the manufacturing side, the preferred materials, possible qualities and the reference profiles are specified. This initial situation represents an everyday task.

The tool of choice in this case is KISSsoft's fine sizing, which has become even more powerful in its Release 2023, since further properties of the gearing can be taken into account and the search algorithm can be controlled more finely.

In this example, the evaluation of the found solutions is clearer, faster and more intuitive via a tab with the most important graphics. The *.dui technology in KISSsoft allows to create user-specific tabs and, as a new feature, to embed graphics. This ensures maximum clarity. Via screenshot, all graphics can be transferred to reports, drawings or presentations without any loss of time.

In this way, the workflow is further accelerated: More parameters can be varied in the fine sizing - in addition, the possibilities for clean documentation of the results are improved.