Features for Gear Manufacturing and Measurement

Jun 3, 2021

With 4000 licenses, KISSsoft is worldwide well-known and enjoys the reputation as a market leader in the field of design software. In addition, with its functionalities specifically related to gear manufacturing and measurement, KISSsoft delivers powerful analysis tools for production. This promotes close collaboration and data exchange between design, manufacturing and quality assurance engineers.

The "design-manufacture-measure" loop, for example, integrates KISSsoft, gear manufacturing and metrology solutions into a holistic process.

Manufacturing deviations can result in increased noise excitation or an unfavorable contact pattern in operation. To predict the effect of such deviations, the measured flank topography is imported into KISSsoft. By using contact analysis, the running behavior is evaluated, either as a gear pair or in a transmission system. This allows a comparison between target and actual state. Based on this analysis, the manufactured gear can be approved or not.

Since the KISSsoft calculations provide a common data basis for gear design, manufacturing as well as measurement, they offer a solution for a multitude of questions and problems that occur at the workshop level. You can find this flyer on this subject - if you have any questions, we are at your disposal.

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