Extended SKF Bearing Module Functionality in KISSsoft

Nov 4, 2020

The SKF bearing module in KISSsoft now offers additional bearing performance output parameters (module WPK and WB1): bearing friction and power loss, grease life and relubrication interval, bearing frequencies, static safety and adjusted reference speed. Moreover, it includes the calculation according to the new SKF bearing life method for hybrid bearings, GBLM.

SKF bearing performance results can easily be compared with results according to ISO 281. SKF rating life delivers more realistic results and facilitates therefore machine design optimization studies and possibly downsizing of bearings, which leads consequently to cost reduction.

Activating the SKF bearing performance calculation is easily done via the KISSsoft calculation settings. Besides the calculation of bearing performance, the module also ensures direct access to a complete and up-to-date bearing database. The SKF bearing module is built with the intention to further extend its functionality by adding more bearing performance output in the future.

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