Extended Development Environment

Jun 14, 2024

In the development environment for SKRIPT, the option of setting breakpoints was created with KISSsoft® Release 2024. If the progress of the script is interrupted, the values of the variables are displayed.

In practice, having the possibility to make custom modifications to a software system is a frequently requested feature. Among other things, this means company-specific calculations can be implemented in KISSsoft.

KISSsoft's SKRIPT programming language has been steadily revised and refined over the years. The development environment in the current release has been extended so that it is now possible to set breakpoints.

This makes it easy to read out the current values of the variables. As soon as a breakpoint is reached, the environment switches to debug mode. In this mode, the script source code can be carried out either up to the next breakpoint or line by line. To make the program code easier to read, the lines are displayed in colour so that the body of a loop, for example, can be identified more quickly.

Please contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to receive a free trial version.