Direct Access to SKF Bearing Data in KISSsoft

Feb 19, 2020

Recently, the Swedish rolling bearing manufacturer SKF and the Swiss gearbox design software developer KISSsoft have joined forces: The KISSsoft Release 2019 offers the possibility to calculate bearing performance by SKF through a cloud calculation service (Module WPK und WB1).

Bearing rating life and other performance parameters are calculated based on direct access to SKF bearing geometry data and SKF formulas which have been validated by extensive testing at SKF facilities. The results are separately displayed in KISSsoft and can therefore quickly be compared with ISO results.

The SKF bearing module in KISSsoft enables a machine engineer to a seamless experience when working on a new gearbox design. As a result, the prediction of bearing performance becomes more realistic, especially for the SKF Explorer range and hybrid bearings.

This successful cooperation has also resulted in a joint article - for more info, please send an e-mail to or info@KISSsoft.AG