Convert Your KISSsoft Dongle into a Floating License

Sep 2, 2020

During these unsteady times, we are confronted with challenging as well as new working conditions, tight budgets, more workload and greater pressure. Our company is initiating a series of measures to meet your changing needs of commercial licenses.

Dongle licenses are tied to a physical USB connector and therefore only practical for very small teams. Distance rules, working from home and the need to touch dongles, currently speak for the use of network licenses, since the license administration is done on a server and provides his user with more flexibility. In the medium and long term, the risk of losing USB plugs, the shifting of calculations to powerful servers and the simpler installation for multiple users also speak in favor of a network license.

We offer you a generous discount on the upgrade fee (not the maintenance fee) until January 15, 2021 for the conversion of single-user licenses purchased before March 31, 2020.

Contact us at or +41 55 254 20 50 for more information!