Changes in ISO 6336

May 6, 2020

ISO 6336 is the most important standard for the strength calculation of cylindrical gears. Parts 1 (principles, general influence factors), 2 (flank) and 3 (root) have been revised and republished in 2019. Compared to the previous version, the changes in the calculated safeties are in some cases significant and will influence the design of gears as well as the minimum safety factors required in future certification guidelines.

The changes, theoretical background and their effects were shown in our past web demo using examples - click here for the recording. In this recording, formulas are compared and the changes in the formulas are illustrated using the KISSsoft functions. Our experts will present the effects of the innovations using examples from wind power, EV gearboxes, etc., with different safety factors being considered.

The changes in ISO 6336 are implemented in the KISSsoft Release 2020 (Module ZA10) - calculations with version ISO 6336:2006 as well as ISO 6336:2019 can run in parallel.