Calculating Double Planetary Stage in KISSsoft

Oct 10, 2019

Today, various types of planetary gearboxes are increasingly being used in the hybridization of drive trains. Since the KISSsoft Release 2019, it is now possible to calculate double planetary stages (module ZA9). Due to their two intermeshing planets, double planetary stages achieve a subsequent reversal of the direction of rotation between the two central gears. The application in speed ranges of 7000-20000 rpm requires an exact analysis of the teeth with regard to noise as well as an evaluation of the planetary bearings concerning their service life.

The engineer can first calculate the strength of all gears and check the geometric assembly situation of the planets. Subsequently, all centre distances can be varied in the fine sizing of the double planetary stage and the influences of the meshing forces on the bearings can be compared from all possible solutions. At the same time, the minimum bearing diameters of the planetary gears and the largest possible installation space for the ring gear can be defined.

Finally, the planetary stage can also be displayed in a 3D graphic for a visual check.

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