Korea Conference on Geartrain

You are invited. See us at Korea Conference on Geartrain 2024 Seoul, Korea.

August 13-14, 

The Korean Society of Mechanical Engineers will hold the 2024 Korea Conference on Geartrain at the Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials to share academic research results and application technologies on advanced geartrains. A total of 29 research papers will be presented at the conference on strength/durability, NVH, efficiency, design/optimization, manufacturing, test evaluation, and application technologies for gears and bearings, the core elements of gear trains. Dr. Inho Bae of KISSsoft AG will present a paper "Influence of Manufacturing Deviations and Flank Waviness on the NVH Behavior of Gears" at the conference.

We look forward to the active participation of members from universities, research institutes and companies to make this conference a place for advanced discussions and active technical and human exchanges among members.


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