IMTS 2024

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Join us at Booth 236909, North Building Level 3 at IMTS in Chicago, September 9–14, 2024. Experience several world premieres on the Gleason booth live in action:
KISSsoft® Release 2024 with a new KISSsoft System Module, Phoenix® 100C Bevel Gear Cutting Machine for robotic, power tool, and similar size gears, 175GMS nano Gear Metrology System for nano-precision measuring, GRSL laser inspection for 100% in-process quality control with integrated gear noise analysis, Coniflex® Pro Design and Manufacturing System for straight bevel and differential gears, and much more. We look forward to welcoming you in Chicago.


From Design to Manufacture

KISSsoft® Release 2024 features the new KISSsoft System Module, accelerating the calculation of complex drive trains. 
Experience new features like development environment in SKRIPT, additional strength calculations for cylindrical gears, latest bevel gear standards ISO 10300 and DIN 3965, powerful 3D FEM calculation for tooth root stresses, and much more. 

Fast, Agile Production of Small Bevel Gears

Join us for the world's first Phoenix® 100C Bevel Gear Cutting Machine with integrated automation, bringing speed and ease-of-use to medium and high volume production of small high-precision bevel gears for robotic, power tool and many more industrial applications.

Gear Measuring at Nano Level

Another world's first, the new 175GMS nano Gear Metrology System provides you with the capability to measure submicron surface finish with a skidless probe, detect waviness in profile and lead, and analyze gear noise with sophisticated software tools, such as Advanced Waviness Analysis and KTEPS. Live at IMTS 2024.

Latest Noise Analysis Software Tools

Experience Advanced Waviness Analysis for the fast and accurate evaluation of measured gears with contact and non-contact inspection, correlating to end-of-line testing, and employ KTEPS Kinematic Transmission Error Prediction Software, as a revolutionary method of finding contributing tooth flank deviations relative to noise orders for in-depth gear noise evaluation.

100% In-Process Gear Inspection

Meet the new GRSL Gear Quality Center with robotic or cobot loading, to inspect all gear teeth for profile, lead and index with functional characteristics including nick detection, total composite variation, total runout, tooth to tooth average, DOP, average circular tooth thickness, and more.

Coniflex Pro for Differential Gears

Gleason's new Coniflex® Pro Design and Manufacturing System produces stronger, quieter, and more reliable straight bevel gears, ideally suited for e-drive differential gears in high volumes, for automotive, truck, bus and off-highway transmissions.

Workholding Systems

At IMTS 2024, Gleason presents the latest developments in hydraulic and mechanical workholding, including new quick-change interfaces and inspection workholding for gear and non-gear applications. Touch and test your future workholding systems live at the Gleason booth.

To the Last Micrometer

Gleason dressing tools for gear grinding and honing applications provide constant, extremely high quality results and great productivity. Meet the hard finishing experts at the Gleason booth to discuss your applications in person.

Conical and Cylindrical Power Skiving Tools

Gleason offers new Power Skiving tools in HSS and carbide for small pitch and larger gears, including local reconditioning services. Power Skiving tools come in conical or cylindrical execution, tailored to your application.

Gleason Global Services

Gleason provides service solutions for the entire machine lifecycle, from digital maintenance support to customized modernization programs. At IMTS 2024, Gleason service experts will explain how to fully benefit from the capabilities of your Gleason equipment, ensuring machines operate at optimum level.

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