Our History


The manufacturability for Power Skiving can also be evaluated in KISSsoft. After generating a special report with workpiece and tool data, this report can be transferred to Gleason if required, which makes data exchange between the designer and the tool supplier much easier and less error-prone.


The interface between GEMS® of Gleason and KISSsoft provides an exchange of gear and system information between the two software packages. This allows the user to realistically evaluate and optimize every type of bevel and hypoid gear - with a Closed Loop between the design and manufacturing software.


After joining Gleason Corporation, KISSsoft is able to deliver complete gear design packages to customers on a global scale. Thanks to the synergies between Gleason and KISSsoft, numerous new features are created, linking design with manufacturing feasibility and metrology feedback, creating a Closed Loop for optimum gear and transmission designs.

Gleason Corporation


Our numbers of resellers grow in different countries like Korea, China, India, South Africa, Italy, France, Germany, Argentina, Turkey, Belarus, Czech Republik, Slovakia, Russia, Brazil and Spain. KISSsoft has nowadays more than 3,200 clients worldwide and about 35 employees.


KISSsoft China was founded and is part of Gleason Sales China since 2019. Due to this integration, the team benefits from a stronger market presence.


KISSsoft sales to North American customers were further supported by U.S.-based personnel. Gleason Sales (Americas) is now responsible for sales, customer support, engineering/consulting and training - both on-site and through general training courses.


KISSsoft AG Switzerland was founded as an independent company by Dr. Ulrich Kissling. In response to preserve and to ensure the further development and maintenance of the suite of programs for sizing, optimizing, and verifying machine elements.


With the sale of the first KISSsoft license to the company Sauer AG in Switzerland, the foundation stone was laid for the future KISSsoft company.


Originally designed as in-house calculation software for the gear manufacturer L. Kissling & Co. AG in Zurich, KISSsoft has spread rapidly since the early 1980s to every sector of the mechanical engineering industry.