Control@Home Japan: Game Changers in Gear Metrology

Datum 3. Jun. 2020
Gear Trainer Webinar
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Control@Home Japan: Game Changers in Gear Metrology

While Control Show in Stuttgart/Germany was cancelled due to COVID-19, metrology goes on. See how our latest inspection products and capabilities are delivering amazing benefits in two live online events: Multi Sensor Inspection, Integrated Gear Noise Analysis, 100% In-Process Quality Control and much more. Additionally, Gleason metrology experts will answer your gear inspection questions – don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn about the latest developments in gear metrology.

Multi Sensor Inspection and Gear Noise Analysis

On the first Control@Home Japan Webinar we present the latest metrology platform for faster and more efficient gear development. The GMSL Gear Inspection System offers all-in-one Multi Sensor Inspection of gears including tactile and optical inspection, gear analysis based on topographical measurements, as well as mathematical Tooth Contact Analysis (TCA) of pinion and gear in mesh. For noise analysis, it even integrates with KTEPS for unload Kinematic Transmission Error Prediction, and with KISSsoft Gear Design Software for Loaded TCA.

  • Gear development and optimization with Multi Sensor Inspection.
  • Gear Noise Analysis based on topographical inspection.
  • Combination of tactile and optical methods.
  • Tooth Contact Analysis (TCA) with pinion and gear data (cylindrical).
  • KTEPS Interface for Kinematic Error Prediction (cylindrical).
  • KISSsoft interface for Loaded TCA (cylindrical).

Each Control@Home event will last 45 minutes including a 15 minute Q&A.


Japanese Language
JST 11:00 - 11:45 am (Osaka/Tokyo Time)



Registration closes 1 hour before the official webinar starts.