KISSsoft Engineering and Consulting


Engineering and consulting are important components of our range of services. Especially during these times, when there is enough work but sometimes limited capacity, we are able to support our customers in every phase of project development. By determining the best possible solutions and consulting with our experts, we can work together with our customers to ensure that the desired product is completed as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

The KISSsoft company has ample, as well as proven, experience in virtually all types of gearings and different systems like agricultural transmissions, wind turbine gearboxes, EV vehicle drivelines, plastic gears and planetary arrangements. Over the last decades, several hundred projects have been conducted by our experts.

Designs, where we assisted our customers range from gears with a diameter less than 1mm to gearboxes with a power rating of more than 6MW. Due to our close collaboration with other Gleason entities, local and international universities and plastic material suppliers, we offer a unique set of skills.

Our team of engineers with background and expert knowledge in bevel, planetary, worm, crossed axis helical, beveloid and face gears is happy to provide targeted services.

For further information consult our Engineering-Flyer and contact us through for an in-depth discussion of your specific needs.