Прецизионная механика - Маленькие цилиндрические и винтовые червяки из пластика или спеченных материалов

Дата 22 - 25 ноя 2021 8:30 am - 12:00 pm
Язык Английский
Уровень Специальный
Процесс Программное обеспечение для проектирования
Поставщик KISSsoft AG
Price Tags Price per person: € 1,300.00

Fine Pitch Gears in Plastic and Sintered Material

The use of plastic and sintered gears is often considered because of their advantages over metal gears. As they also have disadvantages like lower strength and lower manufacturing tolerances, it is important to evaluate exactly the strength and geometry of the gears before going into production. The specific differences compared to steel gears and their calculation methods will be also explained.
The special training takes place on 4 consecutive days, during morning sessions as follows:  

November 22, 2021: CET 08:30 am - 12 pm (Brussels)
November 23, 2021: CET 08:30 am - 12 pm (Brussels)
November 24, 2021: CET 08:30 am - 12 pm (Brussels)
November 25, 2021: CET 08:30 am - 12 pm (Brussels)

The training is intended for engineers who are already familiar with cylindrical gear calculations and basic functionalities of KISSsoft. If a participant has a lack of knowledge on gears or KISSsoft usages and user interface, we highly recommend going through the KISSsoft tutorials posted on our website before the training.


The specific differences compared to steel gears and their calculation methods will be explained. An overview of the material properties with advantages and limitations as well as the measuring techniques will be given. The choice of the material and the calculation of the tooth form specialties will be discussed. The basic issues involved in the theory of worm wheels and crossed helical gears are summarized. Several exercises will be carried out to see the problems and possible solutions in practical cases.  

The full schedule is provided in the training program.



You will need a notebook to actively participate in the training course. It is advantageous to have 2 screens, but this is not a prerequisite.

Registration will close on November 17, 2021. Before the start of the training, participants will receive a test version, electronic training documentation and an invitation link with information to join the Live Stream training.