Workholding Maintenance

日付 2023年2月14日 - 2023年2月15日
ドイツ ミュンヘン
Gleason-Hurth Tooling GmbH
Moosacher Strasse 42-44
80809 Munich, Germany
言語 ドイツ語
Level ベーシック, アドバンスド
提供 グリーソン
Number of Participants 12
Price Tags 550 EUR

Workholding Maintenance (Cylindrical)

This training is specifically designed for maintenance personnel to understand principle workholding maintenance requirements and improve the appropriate maintenance of workholding.


This training course provides knowledge of Gleason workholding maintenance, proper replacement of wear parts, and identification of required rework. In order to successfully complete this training, we ask that participants provide the material numbers of the workholding equipment in use at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the training. The duration of the course depends on the number of clamping types and variants provided. The training includes practical maintenance of the clamping devices and explanations based on the clamping device documentation.


Upon Completion

A certificate is issued with successful completion.



The selection in our shopping cart will not trigger an order, but starts a request. The Gleason Academy team will contact you with further details and discuss options - at this time, we require the material numbers of the workholding equipment in use.


Registration deadline is February 13, 2023.