KISSsoft User Meeting International 2019 (Part 2/2) - Workshop Day

日付 2019年10月24日 8:00 am - 3:30 pm
スイス ブビコン
Rosengartenstrasse 4
Bubikon, 8608, Switzerland
言語 英語
Level ベーシック, アドバンスド
加工 デザインソフトウェア
提供 KISSsoft AG
Price Tags Free of charge

KISSsoft User Meeting International 2019 - Workshop Day 

The KISSsoft User Meeting 2019 takes place from 23 to 24 October. We would like to invite all our customers, partners and interested companies worldwide to join KISSsoft on this special occasion. The 2-day event presents itself with a conference program and workshops focusing on the KISSsoft/KISSsys highlights of the new KISSsoft Release 2019 and will be held in English.

The event is free of charge, but registration is required.


The second day invites you to participate in various workshops in order to deepen and broaden your user knowledge. 

Upon registration, please select your 5 preferred session topics out of ten. Your personal schedule will be sent to you in September. Please bring your own device for the workshops. During the one hour sessions, you will work actively with KISSsoft and KISSsys under guidance of our experts. Please tick the 5 preferred session topics under "Participant Information" in your shopping cart.

The full schedule is provided in the workshop program.


Please find below the KISSsoft workshop topics

Rating of cylindrical gears using contact analysis 
Rating of cylindrical gears with different face widths, various settings for evaluation of results, evaluation of asymmetric gears with different pressure angles.

Plastic gears and calculation methods 
Design plastic gears using general guidelines. Specialties in plastic material data regarding the calculation guidelines VDI 2545 and VDI 2736 and new calculation options in the KISSsoft Release 2019.

FEM calculations in KISSsoft 
Learn about FE calculations which are started from KISSsoft, such as planet carrier and gear body deformation and stresses from grinding notch, and the handling of the SALOME software.

KISSsoft steered through the COM interface 
Steering of KISSsoft via the COM interface using Python or Excel VBA. Learn about the basic commands such as reading and writing parameters as well as calling advanced KISSsoft functions.

3D models of gears 
Generate 3D models of various gear types such as cylindrical gears, bevel gears and worm gears. Check the contact line using the 3D skin models and provide the measuring grid data for inspection.

Customizing of KISSsoft 
Customize your KISSsoft: Apply starting parameters, setup the individual result window, add your own tool list, modify the report and much more.

KISSdesign for drivetrain concepts 
Build various drivetrain concepts using the modelling tree and sketcher functionality. Create several kinematics starting from industrial gearboxes up to shifted transmissions.

KISSsys with load spectrum calculation 
Define a detailed load spectrum in KISSsys with user-defined parameters and additional calculations such as casing stiffness, thermal rating etc, per bin. Export the data in user specific tables.

Rolling bearing calculation 
Perform the bearing calculation with classical and inner geometry method. Use the rating of the bearing life time through the SKF Cloud. An expert from SKF will explain the details about the calculation.

Bevel gear rating 
With KISSsoft, a fine sizing of a bevel gear pair is done, and the solution is transferred to GEMS® for manufacturing checks. With KISSsys, the EPG values are calculated and in GEMS, the LTCA is performed.



You will need a notebook to actively participate in the training course. If you do not have a notebook, we are happy to provide one. Please tick the relevant part of the registration form under "Participant Information" in your shopping cart.

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