KISSdesign - Package 3: Modal Analysis, Characteristic Frequencies and Forced Response

Date Mai 22, 2024 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Bubikon, Suisse
Rosengartenstrasse 4
Bubikon, 8608, Switzerland
Langue Anglais
Niveau Package 3
Procédé Logiciels de conception
Organisateur KISSsoft AG
Durée du cours 1 Day
Nombre de Participants min. 3 participants
Price Tags € 650 per person

KISSdesign® is the new powerful module to model and analyze entire transmission groups.
objective of this training is to explain all system calculations related to dynamics. The modal analysis of a gearbox will be performed. With the characteristic frequencies analysis, all possible excitation frequencies will be calculated. Using the forced response calculation, a response analysis of the gearbox to given gear mesh and shaft excitations will be performed. This will result in the output of dynamic bearing forces and moments.

The training is meant for design engineers, KISSsoft® and KISSsys® users who would like to analyze and calculate gearboxes using a system tool.

Date and Time

The 1-day training will take place at the KISSsoft premises in Switzerland.

Mai 22, 2024: CEST 9:00 am - 5:00 pm (Zurich)


After giving the detailed theory information about dynamics, the handling will be shown in the software using basic example gearboxes. With the modal analysis the system eigenfrequencies will be calculated. With the Frequencies calculation, all excitation frequencies from gear meshes, shafts, bearings and additionally sources will be determined. Using the forced response calculation, the response of the system due to gear mesh excitations, unbalance shafts and torque ripple will be analyzed. The main result of this will be finally the output of dynamic meshing and bearing forces in time and frequency domain.



Please bring a notebook to actively participate in the training course. If you do not have a notebook, we are happy to provide one. Please tick the relevant part of the registration form under "Participant Information" in your shopping cart.

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Before the start of the training, participants will receive an actual test version Release 2024 and training documentation for download.

Upon successful completion of the course, a certificate is issued. 


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