WZL Gear Conference

The WZL Gear Conference

For more than 50 years the annual WZL Gear Conference in Aachen, Germany, has been fostering technical collaboration and communication among the members of the WZL Gear Research Circle. The two-day conference is devoted to the presentation of the latest research in gear design, manufacturing and testing. Additionally, the software resources of the WZL Gear Research Circle are available for examination, including solutions for gear design and manufacturing process development, with technology demonstrations presented on Gleason's manufacturing floor. Within this environment, associations are formed and the exchange of knowledge among members of the technical community is promoted. With up to 300 participants, the WZL Gear Conference is one of the largest annual events dedicated to gear technology.

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The WZL Gear Conference at Gleason

The 2024 WZL Gear Conference will take place July 16-18, 2024, at Gleason Corporation, Rochester, New York. Join industry experts, engineers, and researchers for an immersive experience discussing advancements in gear design, manufacturing, and inspection. WZL Gear Conference 2024 promises insights that will drive gear manufacturers’ projects forward.

Holistic Design

Experience KISSsoft release 2024 with its new system module KISSdesign, accelerating the calculation of complex drivetrains, incl. development environment with SKRIPT, additional strength calculations for cylindrical gears, latest bevel gear standards ISO 10300 and DIN 3965, powerful 3D FEM calculation for tooth root stresses.

World's First at WZL

At this year's WZL gear conference we will unveil brand new gear cutting and grinding machines including appropriate automation and tooling systems.

Gear Chamfering Tech Talk

One of Gleason’s top experts for chamfering technology will be available in person to explain the new radial chamfering process for small gears with interfering chamfers. During your stay in Rochester, we will also demonstrate the flexible chamfering of medium size gears, fully integrated in a medium size hobbing machine.

Introduction to Latest HMI Systems

Don’t miss this special opportunity to see hands-on demonstrations of highly intuitive HMI systems with touch screen, like the new “GEMS Machine” on a state-of-the-art 500C Bevel Gear Cutting Machine, which – by the way – will be cutting parts.

Closed Loop Manufacture and In-Process Gear Inspection

At WZL, Gleason will demonstrate Closed Loop Gear Manufacture with integrated, in-process laser inspection, automated machine corrections, and gear noise analysis with the sophisticated Advanced Waviness Analysis, for up to 100% in-process quality control.

Multi-Sensor Inspection

With laser inspection apply a wealth of measurement and analysis methods to your inspection portfolio - including revolutionary analytics for both R&D and production applications. At WZL Conference we show you how.

Demonstration of Robotic Automation

The Gleason Works is also home to Gleason Automation Systems, experienced integrator of machine tool tending systems. While you are guest of WZL in Rochester, we will familiarize you with some of the latest robotic material handling systems available on the market, for various types and sizes of gears and non-gear parts.

Meet the Experts

Meet the gear technology experts of WZL and Gleason and hear about the latest trends in gear design, manufacturing and inspection including Coniflex Pro Design and Manufacturing System for differential gears, Top Land Chamfer and Coniflex Clutches, as well as latest e-Drive solutions, accompanied by live manufacturing demonstrations.

Conference Schedule Overview

Day 1, Tuesday, July 16, 2024

3 pm - 6 pm Welcome Reception and Registration


Day 2, Wednesday, July 17, 2024 

9 am - 5 pm Technology Demonstrations and Presentations 
7 pm - 10 pm Evening Reception


Day 3, Thursday, July 18, 2024

9 am - 5:30 pm Technology Demonstrations and Presentations 


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The Hyatt Regency Rochester, situated along the Genesee River, is the most upscale hotel in the Finger Lakes Area and Upstate New York.

Hyatt Regency Downtown Rochester
125 East Main Street, Rochester New York, 14604, USA
+1 585-546-1234

WZL discount rate: $125 / night (not included in the conference fee) + taxes and fees. Breakfast is available at the hotel, but not included in the rate. Self-parking available in connected parking garage for a fee.

Hotel Booking

Ground Transportation

Due to limited parking, Gleason is providing a cost free ground transportation between The Hyatt Regency and The Gleason Works during the conference days. Participants are encouraged to utilize the transportation services. Details will be provided as the date gets closer.


Participation Fee

The participation fee is $500 per person.

The participation fee includes: lectures, technology demonstrations and catering during the event as well as the Wednesday reception. You will receive a payment link by e-mail immediately after registration.

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Registration for this Event has Closed

Registration for the WZL Gear Conference has closed. If you have questions about this event, please contact ahiscock@gleason.com