Training - Heat Treat and Quenching

Date 04º - 06º nov. 2019
Rochester, NY, USA
The Gleason Works
1000 University Ave.
Rochester, NY 14607, USA
Idioma English
Level Basic
Processo Bevel Quenching
Organizador Gleason
Class Duration 4.5 days
Number of Participants 3-6
Price Tags $ 1,300

Heat Treat and Quenching

Introduction to the heat treatment and quenching of steel alloys. A demonstration of the industrial quenching operation at The Gleason Works heat treating facilities.

Topics Covered:

▪ Alloying elements and their use and influence on the properties of different alloy systems in various applications.
▪ Phase diagrams and the iron-carbon system.
▪ Transformation diagrams and the various phase transformations that can occur in steel alloys during heat treatment, including the austenite to martensite phase transformation.
▪ Annealing and normalizing.
▪ Austenitizing, quenching, and tempering methods (including cold treating).
▪ Carburizing.
▪ Quenching theory and practice.


Upon Completion:

A certificate is issued with successful completion.