Gleason Seminar 2021 Online

Date 10º dez. 2021
Gear Trainer Webinar
Idioma Japanese
Level Basic
Processo Hobbing, Power Skiving, Shaping, Threaded Wheel Grinding, Gear Honing, Chamfering & Deburring, Metrology Laser Scanning, Metrology Roll Testing, Design Software
Organizador Gleason
Price Tags Free of Charge

Introduction of KISSsoft/KISSsys: My First Gear and My First Transmission

10:00 - 12:00 JST by Yusuke Uesugi, Gleason Asia

In the first session, “My First Gear”, we are introducing gear designers to the basic functions of KISSsoft, describing the user interface, its structure and how easily it works: Together, we will design the first stage of an e-drive gearbox. This process includes the determination of key data, such as center distance and module based on the requested performance specifications. Finally, we will optimize the selected gear design regarding efficiency, weight and other criteria.

In the second session, “My First Transmission”, we show the modeling of the kinematics of a two-stage electric vehicle transmission in KISSsys. The webinar will include the geometric definition of the gears, shafts and bearings, strength calculation of the components in the system considering a load spectrum, as well as checking efficiency and thermal analysis of the transmission for a given application. We invite you to this opportunity to experience the world of KISSsoft/KISSsys.

e-Mobility Gear Solutions

13:00 - 15:00 JST by Taishiro Ikegaki, Gleason Asia

Times change, so do transmissions. E-transformation in mobility, transport, energy and manufacturing creates new challenges and opportunities for existing and new manufacturers of highly efficient drives and transmissions. Low motor sound makes transmission noise, vibration and harshness more evident than ever. Perfectly quiet gears require optimized gear designs and manufacturing processes with quality control adapted to NVH characteristics. This topic will be presented by Taichiro Ikegaki, Executive Officer of Sales at Gleason Asia, as the conclusion of Gleason’s Gear Trainer webinars in 2021.


  • e-transformation: new mobility concepts and transmissions
  • Closing the Loop: e-drive design and manufacturing process chain
  • Design solutions for e-drive gears
  • Soft machining: hobbing, shaping, power skiving
  • Hard machining: honing, grinding, hard power skiving
  • Inspection and analysis: waviness analysis, SFT, SBN for quiet gears

Gear Trainer Webinars cover a variety of topics on bevel and cylindrical gear manufacturing technology, including gear and transmission design and simulation, soft cutting and hard finishing processes, metrology, tools, workholding, software and 4.0 production systems. The webinars include a mix of different media including live demonstrations of processes and software applications. Gear Trainer Webinars are moderated live by gear technology experts including the possibility to ask questions via the integrated chat. Within 30 minutes, our gear-cutting experts get to the bottom of the issues, and any questions raised are addressed in the following Q&A session.

Participant data of Gear Trainer Webinars is treated confidentially and will not be published. Participation in the Gear Trainer Webinars is free of charge.


Japanese language
JST 10:00 am - 03:00 pm (Tokyo)
CST 09:00 am - 02:00 pm (Beijing)
CET 02:00 am - 07:00 am (Brussels)
EST 08:00 pm (-1) - 01:00 am (New York)
Ideally suited for participants in Asia-Pacific.



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