Formation sur le programme dialogue des machines de Honing ZH125/ZH250

Date Apr 20, 2020
Formation en ligne
Langue Anglais
Niveau Avancé
Procédé Honing
Organisateur Gleason
Price Tags Free of Charge, for Gleason Customers only

ZH125/ZH250 Gear Honing Dialog Refresher Training

Free Refresher Training for the correct and efficient technology and process data input via the Gleason Dialog Interface on Gleason-Hurth ZH125 and ZH250 Gear Honing Machines with Siemens 840D control. This seminar will be broadcast live by an experienced operator of this machine type. In 2.5 hours we will answer your individual questions as well. This training is dedicated to customers who own a ZH Machine.

Training Topics

▪ Honing technology basics and dressing strategies for gear honing
▪ Basics of the operator dialog software (HurthMMC)
▪ Program structure of the operator dialog (data input)
▪ ZH Machine Series modernization potentials


English language
JST 01:00 - 03:45 pm (Tokyo) 
CST 12:00 - 02:45 pm (Beijing) 
CET 06:00 - 08:45 am (Brussels) 
EST 00:00 - 02:45 am (New York) 
Ideally suited for participants in Asia-Pacific and Europe.



English language
JST 09:00 - 11:45 pm (Tokyo) 
CST 08:00 - 10:45 pm (Beijing) 
CET 02:00 - 04:45 pm (Brussels) 
EST 08:00 - 10:45 am (New York) 
Ideally suited for participants in Americas and Europe.



Registration closes 1 hour beforehand.