KISSsys: Modeling of gearboxes, system calculations, planetary stage gearboxes (Part 1/3)

Date Sep 18, 2019 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Bubikon, Suisse
Rosengartenstrasse 4
Bubikon, 8608, Switzerland
Langue Anglais
Niveau Basique
Procédé Logiciels de conception
Organisateur KISSsoft AG
Price Tags € 1,000

KISSsys: Modeling of gearboxes, system calculations, planetary stage gearboxes

KISSsys is a powerful tool to model and analyze entire transmission groups. It allows the user to have the results of all gearbox element calculations in an overview, even for different operating conditions. With the help of KISSsys your design process will increase in speed and reliability. The first 2 parts of the training focus on modeling and system calculations of various gearboxes, whereas the 3rd part introduces participants to a special topic that will be look at in detail. The training is meant for design engineers and everybody who likes to calculate gearboxes using a system tool.

All parts can be booked individually or together. Participation of part 2 and 3 is by separate registration.

Modeling of Gearboxes
Part 1/3


The first part of the training has the objective to introduce KISSsys and the modeling of gearboxes using different modeling techniques. On the first day, participants will learn how to create single shaft models. On the second day, participants will see how to handle models with coaxial shafts. In addition, special kinematic conditions - like a powersplit - will be looked at and calculated. Practical exercises of industrial gearboxes will conclude the basic training.

The full schedule is provided in the training program.



You will need a notebook to actively participate in the training course. If you do not have a notebook, we are happy to provide one. Please tick the relevant part of the registration form under "Participant Information" in your shopping cart.

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