Bevel Gear Design Basics

Date Jul 21, 2022
Formation en ligne
Langue Japonais
Niveau Basique
Procédé Logiciels de conception, Théorie du process d'engrenage
Organisateur Gleason
Durée du cours 3 hours
Price Tags Free of Charge

Bevel Gear Design Basics

This seminar introduces participants to bevel gear design basics, trends in bevel gear design and their use in state-of-the-art transmissions including new concepts like the Diff2 Double Differential Transmission, and provides a good overview over the general bevel gear design process, from design to the handover to manufacturing.

Part I will also include the presentation of Gleason’s GEMS® software platform for bevel gear design and analysis capabilities, to seamlessly connect different design software modules, optimizing the complete bevel gear manufacturing process.

In Part II we familiarize participants with the fundamentals in bevel gear design before we get into the Bevel Gear Tooth Contact Analysis including the tool design in Part III of the seminar.

This seminar will give you a head start on bevel gear design and its most important requirements. Seminar language is Japanese.


Japanese language
JST 13:00 - 16:00 pm (Tokyo)

Ideally suited for participants in Asia-Pacific.



Registration closes 1 hour beforehand.