Cambios y Consecuencias de la nueva ISO 6336:2019 para Engranajes Cilíndricos

Fecha Abr 8, 2020
Formación de engranajes en línea y en directo
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Changes of the New ISO 6336:2019 for Cylindrical Gears

Are you currently working from home and would like to deepen your know-how? Then take part in our free web demo. It will cover the innovations in ISO 6336, the most important standard for strength calculation of cylindrical gears. Our experts – Dr. Eng. Ulrich Kissling, MSc. Eng. Ilja Tsikur und Grad. Eng. Hanspeter Dinner – will explain the theoretical background and show you the effects of the changes using examples from wind power, EV gearboxes etc.

With our new Home Trainer LIVE Webinars we would like to support you in these difficult times and inform you about gear manufacturing technology trends and solutions, even at today’s rather unusual workplaces. Home Trainer Webinars are moderated live by gear technology experts including the possibility to ask questions via the integrated chat.

Participant data of our Home Trainer Webinars are treated confidentially and will not be published. Participation in the Home Trainer Webinars is free of charge.


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